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Daypop search engine offers meta tag indexing

The search engine Daypop is now offering the ability to index meta-tags. What kind of meta-tags? Any kind; that's sorta the point.
In his writeup of this idea, Dan describes the idea of creating meta-tags and then using them to narrow a search in ways not generally available via regular searching. For example, using a "blogring" tag to distinguish where bloggers are from.
When I read this it popped into my mind that this would be yet another good example of Daypop playing well with other online resources. I think thought about what Erik Benson was mentioning on his Weblog a little while ago -- http://tinyurl.com/ahlm -- he was trying to build a Google hack that would search every domain in his Blogroll.
And then I looked at Blogrolling.com, and thought -- wouldn't it be cool if you could go to Blogrolling.com and generate a meta-tag based on whose businessblog rolls you were in, and then put that on your 'blog's main page? For example, if ResearchBuzz was on blogrolls for Erik Benson's site, Backup Brain, and BeSpacific, Blogrolling.com could generate a meta-tag that looked like this:
So instead of having to build a hack, Erik could just go to Daypop and search blogroll=erikbenson queryword to find the blogroll content in which he was interested.
Of course I'm leaving out a couple of things. Everyone in Erik's blogroll would have to participate to make this search complete, and I don't know how difficult/easy it would be for Blogrolling.com to implement such a feature.
But I'm sure there are other ways of using unique meta-tags that would be just as useful/interesting. In the meantime, is anyone coming up with any standards to use with Daypop's new feature?
Source: Research Buzz.com
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