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Using Doorway Pages to Key In On Keywords
Doorway pages are pages that have been developed to rank highly for a specific keyword or phrase. It's also true that there has been some abuse in this area. People have developed so-called 'doorway pages' that were meant to deceive the end user. The result of that is that many have automatically called any kind of a doorway page spam. But let's think about it.

For all practical purposes every page on your site is a "doorway." It also makes sense that if you are a small business owner selling, say 20 products, that you design one page for each product. Others may disagree, but this is not spamming. This is making your specific products and services easier to find. But let's take it even one step further.

Take for example, a company which sells 100 products online. It is impossible for the company to optimize one page to cover all 100 products across all the different search engines. Each engine is different. However, by creating doorway pages the company can create entry points to their site which focus on keyword phrases for their specific products.

The final conclusion then is that as long as you are using your doorway pages responsibly (not deceiving the end user) you have absolutely no reason not to use them. I should also add that a program like Web Position Gold can help with this process.

Components of a Doorway Page
A doorway page contains all of the elements associated with any other web page. The only difference is that the title, keywords, description, and body content have all been optimized for one or two specific keywords or keyword phrases.

Typically, however, doorway pages don't contain complex table layouts, extensive JavaScript, or a lot of images. File sizes should be kept low - 40K and below. Remember, you are creating this page to specifically rank highly with a search engine for a specific keyword phrase - not to dazzle the viewer with design and hard-to-download page elements. These pages should be attractive but functional first, and pretty second.

The Difficulty
That said, the biggest difficulty with doorway pages is that if they are not crafted carefully many of them begin to look armature and thereby take away the buyers confidence.
So stick to the basics. Keep your doorway pages simple and relevant. But by all means make your pages look professional and appealing. If a doorway page has been so stripped of artistic content that it does little more than achieve ranking with a search engine, it's probably won't be of much value to you anyway. Therefore, only build pages that will attract visitors to go deeper into your site.

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