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This is really a debatable topic and there are numerous views for and against hiring the services of a professional SEO. We can list a number of ways in which you can be benefited by choosing an SEO for you online marketing and promotion. Online business owners rely solely on the traffic their website receives because visitors only are converted into future customers. Targeted traffic is mainly received from search engines only. Nearly 70 to 80% of traffic a website receives is through search engines so a good presence in search engine index becomes extremely essential.

A person is searching for you so how easily can he find you, he/she is in a complete bent to buy and searches for his choices so you can emerge in the top listings and give a competitive advantage over your direct competitors. Those website cases that sell goods or services online need marketing and promotion on internet definitely that is for sure and universally applicable.

So SEO is the cheapest and most effective way of online promotion and marketing. You can best develop your brand name by being prominent at all major search engines and directories. A good SEO is aware about what the search engines are looking for. Some facts that help in deciding whether to hire and SEO or not can be enumerated as under:

Do you really know search engines?
SEO campaign can be successfully undertook only if search engines are properly known, their trends, their guidelines, their filters, some idea of algorithm, factors that they consider etc. Deep knowledge about search engines is required for doing optimization in a proper and effective way. If in ignorance you take a step that is not entertained by engines then you may fear having your site completely removed from the index. Search engine may consider your optimization as spam if not done in a proper way.

Professional SEOs are fast in action
Professional SEOs act fast as soon they receive a website they have a definitive plan to follow everything documented. Secondly search industry is on a regular change, every second day there are announcements about certain changes and SEO professionals are aware of every minor or major change so they can plan better. On the other hand a non professional is not aware of many new things and may land in trouble pursuing optimization the old way. A good example of such a dramatic change is “Goggles Florida Update”. A simple fact hold universal applicability that a person becomes perfect at the task he performs on a regular basis so is with the SEO professionals they are analyzing the search industry and are aware of all the pros and cons.

Campaign budget planning
Since the growth potential available to the search industry, search engines and directories have drastically changed the methods and trends. There are various modes of advertising like the PPC advertising but that needs expert judgment and careful planning. A good SEO will have much experience of dealing with directories and engines and they will first analyze the primary keywords for your website and then choose the most appropriate place for placement of your website from where you can get really targeted traffic. In other words unprofessional moves and lack of knowledge will always land you spending more on your website optimization.

Don’t feel secured even with paid placement
You might be fascinated about directories like Yahoo that have enormous traffic potential and wish to have a listing in them. Notably Yahoo is really worth submission but firstly it is not free for commercial entities it charges a fee and secondly even after paying the fee and submitting to them there is no guarantee for definite inclusion in the directory. You website is first reviewed by their editors and if the editors are satisfied with the website then only they include it in the directory. So a layman after paying and submitting to Yahoo might be wondering that even after months his listing is not appearing under the category. Many might not know that if a broken links, missing graphics and improper navigation are there in a website, it can never expect inclusion in the Yahoo directory.

Keywords Analysis
The base of optimizing a website is keywords, you will rank in top rankings on certain keywords and competitive keywords are the really tough to optimize. Keyword identification sets the base for every other activity in optimization. A professional SEO company can extract most luring keywords for your website by analysis and application of their experience by client case studies. If on your own you choose wrong keywords the very base of your optimization will be shattered, your website will receive traffic but that traffic will not be the targeted one. Further these days it costs something to submit to almost major directories and search engines so your money is at risk without proper keyword analysis.

Once ranking achieved job is not over.
People generally have a wrong perception that SEO job is limited to just one time optimization or once a good ranking is achieved the work is over but it is literally false. Google applies a new filter and your site ranking fall a hundred places down, now you wonder what to do, how did it happened and how it can be revived. A webmaster having least knowledge about the latest tweaks is more likely to have his/her site rank lower. An SEO company keeps an eye on the traffic analysis, change in algo, and future positioning of the website hence you are free from the worries of changing trends and maintenance of rankings.

Reports and documentation
SEO companies will serve you with detailed traffic analysis reports which will clearly show your position on all major search engines and directories. Proper documentation is prepared of each and every step that was undertaken at various stages. These reports are extremely important and are helpful in determining the ROI (Return on Investment) and type of traffic your website is receiving.

You can save your precious time.
You can save your precious time and deploy it in other productive activities, the basic research that you have to undertake while optimizing by self requires a good deal of man hours. Firstly experimenting is done to be sure about how the things go on at search engines or directories then further activities are planned, this consumes a good amount of time. On the other hand SEO companies are well versed with the basic ground analysis work and straight away get to the exact places in a progressive way. In house SEO is both time and resource consuming as mostly companies assign this task to developer teams who are least aware of what is going on in the industry and hence they go the zigzag or even the wrong way.

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