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SEO Myths

Various myths or misconceptions about search engine optimization developed slowly with the advent of time among webmasters or online business owners. Some of them hold strong beliefs in the minds of majority of site owners. Some very common myths regarding SEO are:

  • Myth: Meta tags are the most crucial contributors in the ranking of a website. : This is a great myth with regards to modern intelligent search engines of today. Some three or four years ago this misconception was a truth but because of manipulation, word stuffing, word repetition and increase in bulk of words used in these tags search engines started overlooking these tags. Earlier meta tags were used to provide information about the webpage to the webmasters and search engines but some people learned how to befool them or manipulate them and in turn search engine alerted. At present the meta keyword tag is ignored by most of the search engines. However engines like Inktomi still considers importance of meta tags. It is not advisable to completely get rid of them but do use properly defined meta tags on your website, the thing is don’t just rely on them alone.
  • Myth: We can do our SEO ourselves in a proper and organized way. : Another belief about many of the webmasters or site owners is that they can do their website optimization by themselves in the most proper and refined way and in the proper direction. Many online businessmen and webmasters believe that they can so optimization themselves very well but they can rarely do it in the proper direction. You know a buzzword ‘linking’ and you start off making links without knowing the exact usability or where exactly they should be. This is lack of direction or thorough knowledge. If everybody could do their SEO themselves then SEO industry wouldn’t have ever emerged.
  • Myth: Self SEO is cheaper than hiring a professional SEO or professional SEO is much expensive. : Self SEO is not that easy and cheap as we think off. Just think about wasting much of time and effort $ achieving very less due to lack of professionalism. You went far in optimization and that too in a wrong direction that you realized at a later stage. All the time, money used and effort employed got wasted in this ever changing industry. In the other way it will cost more. These days professional SEO firms are big in number offering services like per keyword optimization, or pay per click packages, hiring them is much safer and worth spending and it is always advisable to go for them. However certain so called SEO experts make false and unrealistic statements and deceive the customers by employing spamming techniques. So to avoid them always go in for reputed names.
  • Myth: A software can outperform professional SEO services. : Software can never outperform human intellect in every task moreover single software cannot do the work of a team of professionals. It is true that software automates the task and makes it easy to do but mind you search industry algorithms are always on a change so in no case you can rely on a software for long secondly many search engines dislike software submissions, so it is always advisable to submit your website manually to directories and engines. In that way software can never perform better than human professionals.
  • Myth: Other marketing media can bring better customers than SEO. : This is also a major belief among the masses that for online businesses media advertisements, newspaper advertisements are better than SEO but this is absolutely wrong because users tend to search for the things they wish to buy from the internet as a common practice because they know that there are special offers on items on internet like discounts, free accompanying goods etc. So to market your website on internet SEO is the strongest form of advertising and marketing. Search engines deliver a much better traffic to the online business rather than some other means.
  • Myth: Once good ranking is achieved SEO is over.
    Another major belief is that once a website reaches its most glorious position then further it doesn’t requires to be monitored or optimized to comply with the ever changing dynamic search engines.
    : Once the website is in the top three results in the engines this never completes SEO work. Constant monitoring and improvement must go on in order to maintain that listing. Obtaining the listing is important but maintaining that listing is most important and not that easy.
  • Myth: Any listing in search engine will do.
    Another myth is that website must be present in the index place doesn’t matter. This is also not correct because in search engines it should appear on a particular search keywords and not alternative words i.e. users are looking something else and your website appears. Secondly directories are always categorized and you must ensure to get listed in them in the most suitable category. Listing otherwise will divert untargeted traffic to the website.
  • Myth: ROI from search engine optimization is less
    Return on investment (ROI) can be measured by knowing the number of clicks the website received, the number of actual buyers and the referrer engines.
    : ROI is never less in case of an optimized site because targeted traffic means more business and more profit. We can say that for an online business SEO is to be considered as essential expense.
  • Myth: Pay-Per-Click search engines save you money. : This myth is partially true under certain conditions because a Pay per click campaigns can prove costlier if proper and careful cost management isn’t planned. PPC campaigns can be much effective but if chosen by care and managed by experts. PPC listings are also avoided by some segment of users who are aware that these are advertisements. Overall you can get better market your website by well integrated and planned SEO campaign. An SEO will be performed both for search engines as well as directories so you can cover the internet more widely and as a whole.
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